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2011.9.25 update


Angry Birds Arcade & Action
block This is block collapse game which is the most popular all over the world.
It was the most interesting in the Android game which played until now. There is also the derivation version of "Angry Birds Rio" and "Angry Birds Seasons", and it is interesting also there.

*The Good Points*
1:There are the 250 or more numbers of stages. Since it can play in 1 stage 2 or 3 minutes, it can play in little time.
2:Since the effect given to a block changes with types of the bird, it cannot clear, unless it thinks well.
3:Operation is easy, traces a touch panel and only flies the bird.

The birds with which the egg was stolen and it got angry go to defeat a green pig in order to regain an egg.
Installs: 10 millions-50 millions Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.6 / 5 Android 1.6 and up
Doodle Jump Arcade & Action
casual You can play in little time and there is an action game to come to play repeatedly.
It is a game which reaches upwards rapidly as moves the jumped character to right and left and does not fall from a scaffold. I think that this is interesting also in the game of a smart phone with many simple games.

*The Good Points*
1:If it does not touches a panel with the good timing, a character does not move well.That is interesting.
2:Using the trampoline or the spring, it was able to fly highly, the enemy was able to be beaten using the cartridge, and it has played, without getting bored.
3:A score can be exhibited on a network and ranking can be seen. In order to go into a higher rank, hundreds of thousands of points are required.Great!
Installs: 1 hundred thousand-5 hundred thousand Price: \76(JPY) download
Evaluation: 4.4 / 5 Android 1.5 and up
Bonsai Blast Casual
pazzule It is a puzzle action game which strikes marble to the marble which flows rapidly so that three marbles of the same color may be arranged. It will be game over if it falls to the hole which has a head of marble through which it flows in the last of a course. If it is the charged version, it can play without an advertisement.

*The Good Points*
1:A game with the feeling of tension peculiar to a puzzle game on which marble collects rapidly if it does not judge quickly.
2:The feeling different from TETRIS can be played.
3:There are "adventure" mode and "survival" mode, and there are many fields and it is playing for a long time.
Installs: 5 millions-10 millions Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.5 / 5 Android 1.0 and up
Space Physics Lite Sports Games
intelligence The game which draws various figures on a touch panel and moves a green ball to it to a goal point. If a circle is drawn into a figure, a circle can serve as a gear, a figure can rotate and it can push out a green ball. If a line ties two circles, it becomes a car and can move a ball. It is a game which can do the method of the play which was rich in the variation. It is happy when a difficult field is able to be cleared!

*The Good Points*
1:It is a game with high flexibility of drawing a figure on a touch panel. A trial-and-error method can be applied to many things so that it can clear in shortest time.
2:Since it succeeds even if it draws a figure frantically, it is necessary to play, thinking of what kind of effect is given to a ball at what kind of time.
*Twelve stages of the free versions can be played. It is said that it can play up to 80 stages if the charged version is purchased.(Two download of "Space Physics" and "Pack for Space Physics" is required for the charged version.)
Installs: 5 hundred thousand-10 hundred thousand Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.3 / 5 Android 1.6 and up
Mini Golf WackyWorlds Sports Games
sport The golf game it becomes impossible to stop if it begins to play. Operation only determines the direction which a ball strikes, and the strength to strike. It will become clear if 1 course 9 hole can be played below by Par. The number of courses is four in all, and unless it clears one course, they will not be advanced to the following course. Although there is also a golf game for Free, it is a game which is not lost even if it pays 76 yen.

*The Good Points*
1:While the variation of a course is abundant and collects the coin on a course, when it is going to play, difficulty becomes high and is rather difficult.
2:The character and tool which can be used can increase on the collected point.
3:There are three kinds of play modes.
Installs: 10 thousand-50 thousand Price: \76(JPY) download
Evaluation: 4.2 / 5 Android 1.0 and up
Ariene Hurdle
Arcade & Action
casual It is an action game which jumps over the hurdle which appears from the right and competes for the point. The tap of the bar on left-hand side is carried out, and the height which a character jumps is adjusted. A high point can be got if just before the height of a hurdle is made to fly. Occasionally, it is other than a hurdle and a "Ariene" thing (an alpaca and Tokyo Tower ...) comes out.

*The Good Points*
1:A setup of the game which jumps over the hurdle is good. the music which is flowing into BGM at an athletic meet is nice . A developer's sense thinks that it is good.
2:If just before is aimed at, it becomes impossible to correspond to the high hurdle which comes out occasionally, although just before a hurdle must be aimed at, aiming at a high score. The time when it was able to be exceeded well is glad.
Installs: 10 thousand-50 thousand Price: Free download
Evaluation: 3.4 / 5 Android1.6 and up
Els's balance
Arcade & Action
rpg Formal RPG which can be enjoyed for free. It is a game which explains the mystery of ruins, making a monster into a friend. A hero can also choose out of two a male and women. It is the same quality even if compared with RPG currently sold for pay. I think it uncanny that this is made for nothing. "Els's balance 2" is exhibited.

*The Good Points*
1:The story, the picture, and the battle are elaborate and it became the feeling which is doing RPG of the super famicom age.
2:Difficulty is slightly high a little. I think that it will be difficulty exactly good for the person who likes RPG.
Installs: 1 hundred thousand-5 hundred thousand Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.2 / 5 Android1.6 and up
Obatyan ga tobu
Arcade & Action
casual It is an action game which operates a button and competes for the skipped distance so that my aunt may not collide with a pillar. Operation only pushes a button. The height of a my aunt's jump changes by the strength which a button pushes. Probably because difficulty is adjusted well, once it does, it will become impossible to stop. There are much series "Obatyan ga tobu","Obatyan ga noboru" etc.

*The Good Points*
1:Since various items come out all over a play screen, a high score can be aimed at if it advances taking an item well. Occasionally, there is an item in the place which cannot be taken. After wavering, it becomes vagueness and sometimes often becomes game over.
2:A surrealism setup that my aunt skips is interesting. Since such interesting games come out, a free game is good. When it plays, it becomes the feeling acquired and carried out.
3:Since one button is only operated, it can play anywhere easily.
Installs: 50 thousand-100 thousand Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.4 / 5 Android1.6 and up


Dolphin Browser HD Communication
web Popular high efficiency and high-speed WEB browser. A tab display function, and a gesture function and abundant add-on functions are gathered. I think that those who are using the browser which is contained from the start can carry out browsing of the way which used here comfortably. There is "Dolphin Browser™ Mini" the add-on function etc. were excluded.

*The Good Points*
1:Since it has a tab function, two or more pages can be seen quickly. Since time was taken whenever it carried out page movement in the early browser, the tab function sticks and it is very convenient.
2:An add-on is abundant and there are an add-on which can synchronize a Google bookmark and a bookmark, an add-on which can take a screen shot easily, a QR Code creation add-on, etc.
3:Since there is a gesture function, movement of a page is comfortably possible.For example, if it is written as "C" on a gesture screen, it can move to the homepage of Google.
Installs: 5 millions-10 millions Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.5 / 5 Android2.0.1 and up
Google Maps Travel & Local
map A convenient map application. Functions, such as a store, tourist draw search, acquisition of their present location information, stick as well as the function as a map.It is an application which solves a trouble when you go out outside and it is troubled by it.Updating frequency is also high and a new function is added rapidly.

*The Good Points*
1:Since the place of a their present location and the direction which it has turned to now are shown on a map, it is intelligible how it should go to the destination. The map centering on the place which is now is expressed as a one button.
2:Since the information on the store or ATM of the its present location circumference can be retrieved easily, it is not troubled by the first place to perform, either.
3:Since the name and information on a place will be displayed on an aerial photograph if a layer function is used, it can also use as a map.
Installs: 1 hundred million-5 hundred million Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.4 / 5 Android1.6 and up
Cliph Weather
weather The application which can display the weather report for eight days on a home screen. If the widget is set to the home screen, the weather of the day, probability of precipitation, and temperature can be seen. A design is also legible, and since it updates automatically, it can use only by setting up first.

*The Good Points*
1:Since a weather report is displayed on a home screen, operation of starting a browser and an application is not needed.
2:If 4x1 size is chosen, the weather report for five days can be seen from the day.If the tap of the arrow of a widget is carried out, a screen moves and it can check the weather report for eight days.
3:Since the background color and character color of a display screen can also be changed, a design can be changed according to the background color of a home screen.
Installs: 1 hundred thousand-5 hundred thousand Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.2 / 5 Android1.6 and up
AK Notepad Productivity
note A memo pad application with easy operation.A note can be added if it pushes it "+ Add note" of a screen.I think that it is an application which the people of a broad layer can use since there are also design change, and a reminder function and import/export function of a note.

*The Good Points*
1:Since there is a reminder function, the written message of the little memo is carried out, and it can be set.
2:It is simple and very easy-to-use.Moreover, since the size of a file is also as small as 468k, even if it has installed, it is seldom troubled.
Installs: 1 million-5 millions Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.5 / 5 Android1.5 and up
Vignette Demo Photography
picture a camera application with a photography function and a photograph processing function.Photography can be photoed only by carrying out the tap of the screen.Photography mode is also abundant.a camera -- it can use also as an application.Moreover, it is in large numbers to the extent that all photograph processing functions can be used and it does not go out.Since it is no charge, I consider that it is better to use once by all means.

*The Good Points*
1:I think that the first feature of this application is the numerousness of the effect for carrying out photograph processing too, or the kinds of frame.It is said that there are 84 kinds of effects and 59 kinds of frames.It is an application which how to twist interest in a photograph can also enjoy as well as the person who likes taking a photograph.
2:If the "Menu" button is pushed or there is long aggressiveness [ the upper and lower ends of a screen ], a setting icon will come out.A setup seems that it has come be changed from there.It will become pleasant if user-friendliness is known.
Installs: 1 million-5 million Price: Free download
Evaluation: 4.4 / 5 Android1.5 and up